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Type & Feminisms

The August issue of PAGE magazine as well as PAGE online
feature some results of Stefanie's type class at Bauhaus
Universität Weimar that has been investigating the potential
of type as a medium to convey feminist ideas and concepts.
An accompanying publication will be published in September
by Lucia Verlag



The new culture of type specimens

The type specimens of Weissenhof Grotesk and
ABK Stuttgart are both part of the book
Support Independent Type: The New Culture of Type Specimens
released by Slanted Publishers this month.



Referenz Grotesk press

Several magazines and blogs have featured the type family
Referenz Grotesk, designed by Stefanie Schwarz and
Dirk Wachowiak, including Slanted, Page, Novum (07.20),
Design made in Germany, Femme Type and It's nice that.



Type & Research

The Bauhaus Journal gives a glimpse into
Stefanie's plans and research at Bauhaus University
Weimar where she has been appointed as
junior professor for typography and type design.



Typeface release

The type family Referenz Grotesk by Stefanie Schwarz
and Dirk Wachowiak has been released by the type foundry
Sudtipos in Buenos Aires.



Nomination in Tokyo

The corporate font ABK Stuttgart designed by Stefanie
Schwarz and Dirk Wachowiak has been selected by
the Tokyo Type Directors Club as Prize Nominee Work
and will be included in the winners' exhibition and
Annual Awards 2020 book.



On the radio

Stefanie Schwarz and Dirk Wachowiak have been interviewed
by the German radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur for a
documentary about the historic Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart.
They discuss how living in one of the modernist buildings
also influences them as designers and inspired their well-known
typeface Weissenhof Grotesk.



Type Design Workshop

Together with Dirk Wachowiak, Stefanie has been invited
by the Winchester School of Art to give a type design
workshop within the MA Communication Design programme.



New Corporate Font for ABK Stuttgart

Just released: The new corporate font "ABK Stuttgart"
designed by Stefanie Schwarz and Dirk Wachowiak for
Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design aka "ABK Stuttgart".
After 18 months of hard work the type family with 8 styles
and 3,596 glyphs in total is ready to be set, read and seen.



Lecture at HKDM Freiburg

Stefanie is invited to give a talk at the Hochschule
für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik Freiburg.
Titled "Type and context" she will discuss how her
work is driven by various research contexts.



Weissenhof Grotesk at Weissenhofwerkstatt

The design process and some applications of the font
Weissenhof Grotesk are exhibited during the weekend
of the International Museum Day on 21 May in the
"Weissenhofwerkstatt im Haus Mies van der Rohe" at
the historic Weissenhof estate in Stuttgart.



Weissenhof Grotesk press

Several magazines and blogs have featured the new font
Weissenhof Grotesk, including Design made in Germany,
Slanted Magazine (spring/summer 2016), Novum (05.16)
and Page Magazine (06.2016). Moreover it was among
MyFonts' Most Popular Fonts of 2015.



Interactive Type Workshop

Stefanie will hold a workshop at Kingston University
in London on creative coding and interactive type.



Typeface release

New font "Weissenhof Grotesk" by Stefanie Schwarz and
Dirk Wachowiak just released by the Indian Type Foundry.



Exhibition at Dortmunder U

Two of Stefanie's works are part of the exhibition and
research project "Dialogues on books", which presents
innovative concepts in the field of book design.
In collaboration with the Buchlabor of the FH Dortmund
it is held at the Dortmunder U - Zentrum fuer Kunst
und Kreativitaet and runs from 25 April until 7 June.



Typography Conference in Portugal

In November Stefanie will present her research about
interactive type at the 5th Meeting of Typography
in Barcelos, Portugal. The conference is organized
by the resident Design Department of the Polytechnic
Institute of Cavado and Ave.



Lecture at design festival

Stefanie holds a lecture at the design festival Captcha
that is themed around the subject of experimental
typography and organized by students at the University
of Applied Sciences in Mannheim.



Talk at Studio Visuell

Along with Andy Altmann (Why Not Associates),
Stefanie has been invited to give a talk
at the yearly summer event of Studio Visuell
in Stuttgart.



DesignScience Workshop

Together with DesignScience founders Anne Odling-Smee
and Patrick Roberts, Stefanie holds a workshop at
Imperial College London. Funded by the Wellcome Trust
and aimed at researchers from all disciplines of science,
it imparts design basics as well as the importance
of visual communication design within the field of science.



On the Underground and beyond

One of Stefanie's type experiments can be seen across
London - in art, design and cultural destinations
as well as on the tube. The artwork was created during
her MA at Central Saint Martins and is now featured
in a campaign to promote her former school and other
colleges of the University of the Arts London.



open2type launch

In collaboration with Dirk Wachowiak,
Stefanie has launched the typographic research lab
open2type which is conceived as a field of
experimentation as well as a platform to showcase
their type-related projects.



Published x 2

Two of Germany's widespread design magazines
Page (October issue) and Novum (November issue)
feature the results of a workshop held by
Stefanie, together with Dirk Wachowiak, at the
School of Design in Pforzheim.



DesignScience associate

After previous collaborations with DesignScience,
Stefanie continues to work with the London-based
institution and becomes one of its associates.
By applying design to science and science to design,
DesignScience aims to develop innovative ways
of working across these two fields.



Lecture at Royal College of Art

Stefanie has been invited to give a lecture at the
Royal College of Art. The talk outlines her research
that explores analogue, digital, traditional and
future type-related design methods and technologies.



Lecture at Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
invited Stefanie to give a talk about her
investigations how type can be designed and used
as an interactive and creative tool.



Holz, Blei, Bits und Bytes

Stefanie will lead a discussion at her typography and type
design workshop at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.
Students and alumni are invited to debate on the meaning
of letterpress in the digital age and in which way digital
and analogue methods could coexist.



MerkWuerdig Workshop

Together with Dirk Wachowiak, Stefanie has been invited
by the School of Design at Pforzheim University to
give a type design workshop. For three days 20 students
were working on typefaces that had to be related to
the topic "MerkWuerdig" which means peculiar or remarkable.
In the end all participants contributed to a publication
that features their merkWuerdig fonts.



Certificate of Typographic Excellence

The poster "Work in Progress" has been selected by the
judges of the Type Directors Club in New York to receive
the "Certificate of Typographic Excellence".